Ghesh Teluxakasendalor

Dragonborn Bard - Sage


AC 14, Init +3, HP 10

Stealth, Arcana, History, Intimidation, Persuasion

Swings with a Rapier, throws javelins and weaves the magic of words and sound through his tribal voice, ivory horn and drums.


Born within a small clan, his father and mother Sorcerers, Ghesh’s power and curiosities did not come only from his ancient draconic heritage but has been heavily influenced by the stars and from the Words of Creation.

Unknown to him, a Genasi Eldritch Knight holds a secret he is looking for and oddly enough, although reluctant, Ghesh has found some amusement in a Gnomish Warlock ally.

Ghesh Teluxakasendalor

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