The Place: The desert City of Jaizen

The City of Jaizen was founded on a desert Oasis 70 years ago by Albrect Montgommeri, a young adventurer that was seeking his fortune. The Oasis provided a perfect stopping point for caravan and traders and slowly overtime, Jaizen grew from a small cluster of tents to a thriving village. Albrect had built a small army over time that kept Jaizen safe from most invading armies. When Albrect died, his son Stomond took over keeping Jaizen safe.

Four years ago, strange towers began to appear throughout the world, and one of these towers appeared outside of Jaizen. These structures were dubbed labyrinths and it is rumored that if anyone successfully enters and defeats whatever is inside the labyrinth will return with great riches and power.

For 3 years, various groups tried to enter the Jaizen Labyrinth. Most people are unable to find a way to enter the labyrinth at all, and the few that have entered have never returned. Over time, most people began to believe the completing the labyrinth was impossible and only the foolhardy or desperate even tried anymore.

It was 1 year ago that the Orcs besieged Jaizen. After a month of bloody fighting, Jaizen fell under Orc control, and has been that way ever since. The Orcs are not interested in running Jaizen; all they have done is occupy the land closest to the labyrinth tower, and randomly raid the rest of Jaizen for any supplies the remaining populous manages to get into the city.

Those spying on the Orc say that they are trying to enter the Labyrinth, and a steady stream of Orcs flow in from the north to replace any that have not returned from the labyrinth. In the meantime, those unlucky enough to have survived the attack on Jaizen live in slums, each desperate to get out. Some have even become desperate to try their luck with a labyrinth.

The labyrinths

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